Gary Jones Chiropractic services

Suffering from lower back pain, shoulder pain or sciatica in 
Ross-on-Wye and finding it hard to travel to see a chiropractor?

Call Gary Jones Ross-on-Wye Chiropractic Services for a professional consultation. I am a fully qualified chiropractor covering Ross-on-Wye and surrounding areas, including Forest of Dean, Newent, Ledbury, Linton and Monmouth.

Fully trained in the McTimoney technique, which is a gentle method of assessing and aligning your body, allowing your nervous system to function more efficiently, helping to reduce pain or discomfort which can increase your mobility. Helping people with lower back pain.

I offer Chiropractic care at Hits the Spot Natural Health & Back Care Centre, Corse, The Old Dairy, Oridge Street, Corse, Gloucestershire GL19 3DA.
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Eli Manning said after the Giants’ mandatory minicamp that Odell Beckham “looks great” and “looks healthy.” The Giants quarterback has not worked with his star receiver since but has seen the videos of Beckham’s work in Los Angeles.

Beckham worked alongside teammates Sterling Shepard Anthony Barr Jersey Big , Evan Engram and Saquon Barkley in Los Angeles last week. Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens also attended at least one workout, and Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was slated to attend.

“Yeah, I’ve seen a couple videos,” Manning said during an appearance at the Offense-Defense Football Camp at Kean University, via Jordan Raanan of ESPN. “Those guys always work. Appreciate the work. Getting ready for the upcoming season. I know they’ll have to make some adjustments. We do practice with our shirts on with the Giants, so they’ll have to make an adjustment the first few weeks. It may take some time to get used to that. But besides that , I know those guys, [and] it’s great that they are together. They are challenging each other. They’re getting ready for the upcoming season.”

Manning repeated what he said last month, that Beckham “seemed to be his old self” during the minicamp. Beckham’s 2017 ended after only four games because of a fractured ankle.

“I’m excited about that and that he can go out there and run all the routes,” Manning said. “So, excited to get him back going once training camp hits up, and getting on the same page. There are always new routes and new tweaks to the offense. But I know he’s been working hard and is going to have a big year.”

Beckham Trent Brown Color Rush Jersey , 25, has 313 catches for 4,424 and 38 touchdowns in his career.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have some needs to address during the second day of the NFL draft.

The Jaguars selected Florida's Taven Bryan with the 29th pick in the first round Thursday night, adding to an already stout defensive front.

Top executive Tom Coughlin and general manager Dave Caldwell insisted they drafted the best player available, choosing Bryan instead of filling holes. Plugging those spots should come next.

Jacksonville has the 61st and 93rd overall picks in the second and third rounds, respectively Adidas Sidney Crosby Jersey , Friday. The Jags could go in a number of directions with those selections, including addressing tight end, offensive line, linebacker, receiver or cornerback.

The team parted ways with veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis last month and lost veteran linebacker Paul Posluszny to retirement. They also let receiver Allen Robinson and cornerback Aaron Colvin sign elsewhere in free agency.

No one would be surprised to see Coughlin and Caldwell address the offensive line, either. Right guard A.J. Cann is entering the final year of his contract , and right tackle Jermey Parnell has dealt with groin and knee injuries in recent years.

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Kevin Byard no longer needs the tweet of Deion Sanders calling the All-Pro and Pro Bowl safety "a fan" as the lock screen on his cellphone.

The Tennessee Titans safety believes he squeezed all the motivation needed from that Twitter exchange Womens Melvin Gordon Jersey , which fueled him throughout the offseason in his quest to be the NFL's best in his third season.

"You could be All-Pro, no matter what, you still have guys, you still have things to prove," Byard said Tuesday. "You still have to keep working."

That Twitter exchange in March started after the Hall of Fame cornerback and now NFL Network analyst tabbed Tyrann Mathieu as the NFL's top safety. Byard tweeted at Sanders , asking how he didn't mention either of 2017's All-Pro safeties. Sanders responded he knew who players and former players believe is the league's best.

"You continue to be a fan and i will continue being the man," Sanders wrote back to Byard on Twitter . Byard answered back that neither numbers nor film added up with Sanders overlooking Minnesota's Harrison Smith, Earl Thomas of Seattle and Kansas City's Eric Berry.

Support flowed in on Twitter for Byard from Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey  Alex Tuch Jersey Kids , Ravens safety Eric Weddle and Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward .

Byard's numbers in 2017 speak for themselves.

He led the NFL with 10 total takeaways and tied for the league lead with a career-high eight interceptions and 87 total tackles to earn All-Pro honors along with his first Pro Bowl berth. He had the most interceptions by a player for this franchise since Richard Johnson had eight picks in 1990 for the then-Houston Oilers.

Defensive coordinator Dean Pees has coached safeties such as Ed Reed in his career. He's not looking to compare Byard to anyone, but Pees has made clear how impressed he is by Byard's hard work, leadership and professionalism.

"He'll come in and tell me, we always try to keep ahead of them and let them know what's coming in in the next day, and he'll come back the next day and have a question on something we haven't even covered yet, which tells me then he's doing all the right things," Pees said.

Byard had eight of the Titans' 12 interceptions last season, and the secondary has been working together since March with the target of being the NFL's best group.

Tennessee added cornerback Malcolm Butler to the group as a free agent Womens T. J. Watt Jersey , then lost safety Johnathan Cyprien last week with a torn ACL.

All the chemistry Byard and Cyprien had been working on over the past year and half now is gone. The Titans signed veteran Kenny Vaccaro on Saturday to replace Cyprien, and Titans coach Mike Vrabel said Byard will play a critical role in helping Vaccaro get in sync with the secondary. The Titans open the preseason Thursday night at Green Bay.

He's already seen Byard meeting individually with Dane Cruikshank in training camp to help the rookie learn, impressive to see in a young player.

"Kevin has taken on a really nice leadership role with our team," Vrabel said. "He started in the offseason with his ability to come in here and work and be diligent in his training, continued by his studying and learning the defense and being able to explain it to guys."

The 5-foot-11, 212-pound Byard was the first pick of the third round in 2016 out of Middle Tennessee. Now the safety who's always been confident in what he can do believes he can do even more in the NFL.

"I feel like I barely scratched the surface with my potential," Byard said.

"And I just want to keep getting better. But at the end of the day, it's all about the team and I want to be able to bring everybody along because you know I could be All-Pro and all that stuff. But we're not winning games Cardinals Elite Jerseys , we're not winning championships, it really doesn't matter in my opinion."

Follow Teresa M. Walker at teresamwalker

Utah defensive lineman Lowell Lotulelei says Michigan defensive lineman Maurice Hurst Jr. told him Saturday that he had been diagnosed with the same heart condition as Lotulelei’s older brother, Star.

The comments came shortly after first reported Hurst will not be allowed to participate in drills.

League spokesman Michael Signora confirmed that players can be held out based on certain diagnoses but that he believed Hurst was still in town.

Jeff Foster, president of National Football Scouting, declined to confirm details of what happened because of privacy concerns. But he did tell The Associated Press that six to eight players have been withheld from drills this year for reasons players were not aware of before their arrival.

Foster said that number has stayed relatively consistent over the past 13 years.

Hurst had been rising steadily on mock draft boards.

The 6-foot-2, 280-pound defensive tackle had 59 tackles and 5 1/2 sacks last season. He also had 13 tackles for loss and has been considered one component of a deep class of defensive tackles in this year’s draft.

Hurst’s father played seven seasons with the New England Patriots as a cornerback.

Word leaked just after defensive linemen and linebackers started talking to reporters at the NFL’s annual scouting combine in Indianapolis.

”I just found out in the NFLPA meeting that we just had. He just said, `Star was your brother?’ And I said yeah. He’s like, `Man Womens Connor Hellebuyck Jersey , I just got the same thing that he did,”’ Lowell Lotulelei told reporters. ”Obviously I didn’t go through it, so I don’t really know what he’s feeling like. But I kind of understand the disappointment just because my brother trained just like he trained and you’re expecting one thing and getting another. I feel for him. It sucks. But I think he’ll be fine just like my brother was.”

Five years ago, Star Lotulelei arrived at the combine as the expected first pick in that year’s draft.

Things changed dramatically after doctors identified an ”abnormal” test on his heart.

Lotulelei then sought additional opinions, eventually was cleared to exercise and was taken by Carolina with the 14th overall selection in the 2013 draft. He has missed only four games in five NFL seasons.

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As much as Saints All-Pro Cam Jordan admires his father Patrice Bergeron Jersey , Steve, and effusively praises the former Minnesota Vikings tight end, he hasn’t been able to resist the urge to be his own man.

Cam Jordan never wanted to play tight end, and acknowledged on Thursday that he doesn’t always follow his father’s advice, either, particularly when it comes to his playful antics and comments when engaging the media.

When Jordan consistently gets the better of an offensive lineman, he’ll refer to him as ”Speed Bump Magee.” After last Sunday’s playoff victory over Carolina, Jordan conspicuously positioned a bottle of Jordan cabernet (not a family business) on the top shelf of his locker and pledged to send his namesake wine to his namesake star quarterback, Cam Newton.

Jordan said his father, ”always tries to tone me back. He’s always like, `Hey, dude, have you thought about the ramifications?”’

”No, I haven’t. I shot my shot and said what I said and had to back it up 49ers Authentic Jerseys ,” the younger Jordan continued. ”At 28, I’m in my physical prime so at this point I feel like I can back it up.”

Indeed, Jordan was named first-team Associated Press All-Pro for the first time in his career this season – his seventh since being New Orleans’ first of two first-round draft choices in 2011 out of California. The 6-foot-4, 287-pound edge rusher had 13 sacks, 17 tackles for losses, 28 QB hits, 11 passes defended (mostly batted passes), an interception and two forced fumbles.

Teammates marvel at his conditioning, boundless energy and how he hardly ever misses a defensive snap.

In last weekend’s wild-card round playoff triumph over the Panthers , Jordan not only had a sack, a tackle for loss, a QB hit and two batted passes, but he also forced Cam Newton into a pivotal intentional grounding penalty. That play turned a second-and-10 at the Saints 21-yard line with 41 seconds left into third-and-23 at the New Orleans 34 – with just 19 seconds to go after a 10-second runoff for an offensive penalty in the final minute. The Panthers could not recover in a 31-26 loss.

Now Jordan is preparing for a high-stakes playoff clash in Minnesota, where he spent his early childhood while his father was being named to Pro Bowls – six in all – for the Vikings. Jordan knows plenty about Vikings history Boomer Esiason Jersey , but doesn’t sound too sentimental about it.

”I want to destroy them just the same,” Jordan said. ”There’s going to be an offensive line that I want to destroy. There’s going to be a running back I want to destroy. There’s going to be a quarterback that I have to destroy.”

Cam Jordan said he expects his father and brother to be at the game, along with old family friends from the area. Whether he brings along another bottle of his namesake wine is to be determined, he said.

Steve Jordan’s career ended in 1994, when Cam was 5. Soon after, they moved to Arizona.

The elder Jordan described himself as ”pretty jovial” and someone who ”could get goofy on occasion.” But Cam, he said, is ”full-on most of the time.”

”He’s just a fun-loving guy. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, doesn’t take life too seriously,” Steve Jordan said. ”But this game of football, particularly now, he’s definitely taking that serious. And he’s really focused, and I like that.”

The younger Jordan considers the Phoenix area his home, as he says Adidas Logan Couture Jersey , because that’s where he had his first kiss and learned how to drive. He doesn’t get all that nostalgic about returning to Minneapolis.

”I remember jumping in some leaves, getting so cold outside we got locked out of a car,” Jordan said with a chuckle. But he also fondly remembers meeting a number of ”my dad’s co-workers, and they turned out to be legends. You talk about (defensive end) Chris Doleman, you talk about (safety) Joey Browner, (running back) Darrin Nelsons of the game. I won’t talk about Herschel Walker, because he ruined (that) franchise.

”You grow up and you get drafted by the Saints,” Jordan added. ”This is my team. This is my family.”

Saints coach Sean Payton generally urges his players to refrain from providing opponents with bulletin-board material, but didn’t sound inclined to rein in Jordan.

”It’s just Cam’s personality,” Payton said. ”He’s humorous and I think he genuinely enjoys what he does and that’s just how it’s expressed. Outside of that, I’m glad he’s on our team.”

Likewise, Vikings offensive linemen didn’t sound inclined to talk tough about shutting up Jordan. They deferred to a more respectful approach.

”He’s had a great career, great year, and it’s going to be a tough battle Jakub Vrana Jersey ,” Vikings offensive tackle Mike Remmers said. ”The first thing that we’d like to do is just block him. … He’s just fast, physical, just a smart player. He’s really got a little bit of everything.”

Vikings QB Case Keenum called Jordan ”a really talented player” who ”creates a lot of havoc in the backfield in the run or pass game – a guy that we need to know where he’s at at all times.”

Odds are, they’ll hear him coming.

AP Sports Writer Dave Campbell in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, contributed to this report.

Pittsburgh Steelers star running back Le’Veon Bell says he and the team are making progress on a contract extension.

The team has presented an initial offer, and Bell says ”we are a lot closer than we were last year.”

Bell spoke Wednesday at the Pro Bowl. He says he doesn’t believe talks will drag on. He says ”I think we’ll get something done and it will be exciting for both sides, for the fans and everybody.”

The 25-year-old back turned down a long-term contract in 2017, skipped training camp and then signed a one-year, $12 million franchise tender.

The Steelers could franchise him again in March, a move Bell told ESPN would force him to consider retiring or sitting out the 2018 season. A second tag would be worth around $14.5 million.

Bell led the NFL in touches (404) this past season. He insists his preference would be to remain in Pittsburgh.

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The Tennessee Titans hired Houston defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel as their new coach in a fast search that wrapped up after three interviews and just five days after firing Mike Mularkey.

The Titans announced Saturday they have agreed to terms with Vrabel. A news conference was scheduled for Monday.

Vrabel was the first person Tennessee interviewed after firing Mularkey on Monday. Mularkey Eddie Yarbrough Jersey , who also coached Buffalo and Jacksonville, went 21-22 and led the franchise to its first playoff victory in 14 years . This will be Vrabel’s first head coaching job after 18 years in the NFL – 14 as a player and four as a coach.

Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk said in a statement it was easy to see Vrabel’s commanding presence and relationship with general manager Jon Robinson. The GM got his start in the NFL as a scout with the New England Patriots, where Vrabel won three Super Bowls as a linebacker.

”Mike has a commanding presence and a deep understanding for how he will attack this head coaching opportunity,” Strunk said.

”Throughout his football career, he has played for, been mentored by and coached with successful teams and organizations. He knows what it takes to reach that level of sustained success – he has seen it firsthand. We have a chance to build on the solid foundation that we established over the past couple of years and I believe Mike is the right person to continue that progress.”

The Titans became the seventh NFL team to change coaches since the start of the season, and now they are the third to hire their replacement, joining Oakland and Chicago. The Indianapolis Colts are closing in on Josh McDaniels but can’t hire him until the Patriots’ season ends. Arizona , Detroit and New York Giants have yet to hire new coaches.

Tennessee also interviewed Carolina defensive coordinator Steve Wilks – who satisfied the Rooney rule requiring teams to interview at least one minority candidate – and Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur.

In a statement Da'Norris Searcy Jersey , Vrabel thanked Strunk, Robinson and the Titans for putting their faith in him.

”We want to build a culture around winning, competitiveness and toughness,” Vrabel said. ”Everything we do is going to be geared toward winning and being physical. We want to prepare our players so they know what to do, which will allow them to play fast and aggressive.”

The 42-year-old Vrabel is coming off his first season as defensive coordinator for the Texans. Vrabel’s 14-year career as a player included stints with Pittsburgh under coach Bill Cowher and New England under coach Bill Belichick, along with Kansas City. In 2011, he joined the staff at his alma mater, Ohio State, coaching linebackers and defensive linemen.

Vrabel went to Houston in 2014 and coached linebackers with the Texans for three seasons before becoming coordinator. The Texans won the AFC South in 2015 and 2016 thanks in part to strong defenses. The unit slipped this season amid injuries to players including J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus .

This was the first head coaching search since Robinson was hired in January 2016 Adolphus Washington Jersey , two days before the Titans took the interim tag off Mularkey. Robinson said in a statement he always has had a great deal of respect for Vrabel as a player and as a coach.

”He was the ultimate team-first player, and he embodies that same mindset as a coach,” Robinson said. ”He is intelligent, energetic, detailed and a leader whose deep passion for this game will resonate with our players. As a coach, I have seen him develop talent at both the college and NFL level, and put players in position for them to be successful.”

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The decision of the Browns to place receiver Josh Gordon on the “did not report” list instead of the non-football illness list gave a vaguely ominous situation yet another layer of ambiguity. According to the Browns, however, the decision was rooted in one factor only: Roster flexibility.

While Gordon is on the “did not report” list Youth Derrius Guice Jersey , he won’t count toward the 90-man roster. If he were on the non-football illness list, Gordon would consume a roster spot.

Also, it’s possible the Browns couldn’t have placed Gordon on the non-football illness list if they wanted to, since he would have had to show up and fail a physical before being placed on active/NFI. Literally, he did not report for camp. So he’s on the “did not report” list.

Per a league source, Gordon’s return to the active roster won’t be automatic. He’ll have to make a written request for reinstatement to the Browns, and the Commissioner will have to approve it.

At this point, there’s no reason to think the Browns wouldn’t welcome him back, or that the Commissioner would block his return. That said Authentic Conor Sheary Jersey , the Commissioner retains broad discretion on the question of whether Gordon has in any way violated the specific terms of his treatment plan under the substance-abuse policy, which by rule would subject him to another suspension of at least one year.

There continues to be no specific reason to believe that Gordon will be suspended again, notwithstanding the league’s arguably loaded comment that it will address Gordon’s status “at the appropriate time.” Perhaps the league’s comment refers simply to the fact that, because he did not report for camp, the Commissioner at some point will be asked to affirmatively approve his return to the active roster.

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A pair of shoes are set aflame with a cigarette lighter Rashaan Gaulden Color Rush Jersey , captured on video and shared widely online to protest a political statement made by the manufacturer.

The New Balance shoes were burned by their owners two years ago after a spokeswoman indicated the company's support for President Donald Trump's trade policies.

Nike now finds itself in a similar position on the other side of the political spectrum as some customers cut up its products or burn them because of the company's decision to make Colin Kaepernick the face of its "Just Do It" 30th anniversary campaign.

With the Kaepernick campaign , Nike is embracing activism and racial justice at a time when shoe companies can no longer avoid the nation's political division. After years of building billion-dollar brands around sports celebrities, shoe and apparel makers now find themselves flashpoints in the political, racial and cultural clashes surrounding the Trump administration.

Nike took this route as its biggest representatives 鈥?most notably LeBron James and Serena Williams 鈥?have spoken out about police shootings of African-American men and problems facing the black community.

Those same athletes are increasingly using their shoes as a form of expression. James' "Equality" Nike signature shoe was unveiled earlier this year , with the word emblazoned across the back of the shoes. Steph Curry has worn a Barack Obama-themed shoe.

NBA players in recent years have worn shoes with messages of "R.I.P. Trayvon Martin" and "Sideline Racism" and images of Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. preached. Such statements could become more common in the next season after the NBA relaxed the rules over the types of shoes players can wear.

"I stand with Nike, every day, all day," James said Tuesday at a Nike fashion show and awards ceremony in New York.

Trump has blasted the NFL for allowing players to follow Kaepernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem to protest police shootings of African-Americans. Now the president has turned against Nike, which is making the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback one of its main spokesmen.

"Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts," Trump tweeted Wednesday .

Athletic apparel companies have straddled the entertainment and cultural worlds for years partly with their emulation of black culture 鈥?think Run-DMC's Adidas shoe deal in the wake of the group's rap hit "My Adidas" and Nike's "Air Jordan" campaigns featuring Michael Jordan and Spike Lee. This has created a billion-dollar industry and the cultural challenge of how to appeal to minority and youth communities as well as to the country's white Womens Saquon Barkley Jersey , sometimes conservative, majority.

But the companies and major sports leagues have been careful not to stray into real politics, famously symbolized by Jordan, who reportedly said Republicans buy shoes, too. While Jordan and others in his era were thrilled to have lucrative shoe deals, the current generation is going farther by using their sneaker deals as a platform to promote social justice.

And with that shift, Nike is taking the side of its superstar athletes 鈥?even if it means alienating Trump supporters and intertwining shoes and politics.

Many companies "feel the need to align with players, because players help them move the product," said Michael Lewis, director of the Marketing Analytics Center at Emory University in Atlanta.

Clothing and shoe makers have always had a back-and-forth relationship with minority communities. Business boomed as black athletes became spokesmen and spokeswomen, but questions arose over how much the companies invested financially in black communities Anders Lee Jersey , compared with how much they made by exploiting African-American trends.

The relationship began in the 1980s, when Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Converse became staples of black fashion, and African-American youth sought to emulate the stars of the day, like Jordan, Run-DMC and other figures associated with the burgeoning hip-hop culture. Footwear came to symbolize status and street style. Sneakerheads lined up outside stores to get the newest shoes.

Companies "have made millions off of following trends from the black community, and so they have to be cognizant of the feelings of that community," said Antonio S. Williams, who teaches sports marketing at Indiana University. "It only takes one or two incidents for shoes to be pushed aside and declared uncool and left behind, so they are very aware of the cultural exchanges and trends going on in their base communities."

New Balance tried to steer clear of politics in 2016 after coming out in support of Trump's desire to remove the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. A company official said "things are going to move in the right direction" under a Trump presidency. Protesters took that as support for Trump and began burning New Balance shoes and posting videos. At least one white supremacist declared that New Balances were the shoes of "The Trump Revolution."

New Balance quickly released a statement saying the official's remark was taken out of context. The company insisted that it "does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form" and "believes in humanity Gordie Howe Jersey , integrity, community and mutual respect for people around the world."

Unlike New Balance, Nike doesn't seem to be backing down. Its two-minute commercial, highlighting Kaepernick, James, Serena Williams and others, aired Thursday during halftime of the NFL's season opener.

Nike has likely figured out that its core consumers 鈥?the people who regularly buy its sneakers and clothes 鈥?are probably the millennials and minority youth who already support Kaepernick or at least don't mind the stance he is taking, Antonio Williams said.

"Nike wants to be on the right side of history and the right side of its core consumers," he said.

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — The Denver Broncos filled their roster vacancy Tuesday by re-signing safety Shamarko Thomas, who was with them in training camp.

After spending his first four seasons in Pittsburgh Youth Richard Rodgers Jersey , Thomas led the Buffalo Bills with nine special teams tackles in 12 games last season.

Following his release from the Colts during the preseason, Thomas signed with the Broncos, who had just placed safety Jamal Carter on IR with a torn hamstring. But Thomas didn’t make the initial 53-man roster.

Thomas, who has 38 career special teams stops, replaced wide receiver/kick returner Isaiah McKenzie, who was released Monday.

The Broncos also made some practice squad moves, signing defensive lineman Niles Scott and releasing nose tackle Kyle Peko and defensive end DeShawn Williams.

Scott is a rookie from Frostburg (Maryland) State who competed in training camp with the 49ers.

The Broncos (1-0) host the Raiders (0-1) on Sunday at Mile High Stadium.

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